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For Once, it Wasn't Them
“Everything that could've gone wrong went horribly wrong.”
“Well – I wouldn’t put it that drastically.”
Rhiannon glared at Razar, who laughed and turned away, shrugging.
“Just saying it like it is!”
Basil, wisely (for once, from what she knew of the kid), kept his head down.
Genevieve sighed quietly and shifted her weight, folding her arms. Just as well Asin wasn’t in the middle of this, but oh how she wanted to be back at home, with her girl and the cats.
Melri nudged at her shoulder, croaking as she clicked her beak.
Genevieve spared the hippogriff a smile as she smoothed back the feathers around her face.
Rhiannon sighed and rubbed her face. “So. What’s the plan from here?”
Razar shrugged. “Personally, I don’t think it’s completely unsalvageable.” He rubbed at his arm, tracking over curling words that no one else could read.
Rhiannon snorted, rolling her eyes.
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To the End of the World
 She would follow him – willingly – to the end of the world.
 The thought came upon her quite suddenly, almost – but not quite – out of the blue.
 Merla lowered her dusting cloth as she studied her fellow acolyte, slyly, trying not to let him notice.
 Algy had stopped working too, in the act of reshelving books on the newly dusted shelves. He was reading – or looking through – one of the books, focused intently on its contents. Dust coloured his hair grey, coating his shoulders and down his sleeves, too.
 She was probably just as covered, but he wore it better.
 Algy glanced up from the open book in his hands and smiled.
 Merla fumbled her duster and almost dropped it as she blushed.
 “Here, take a look at this.” He placed the book open on the table, pushing others to the side to clear a space.
 Merla crouched to pick up her duster. “We should continue. With – with our–”
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Quix Unar - 4k Wallpaper by erikg1337 Quix Unar - 4k Wallpaper :iconerikg1337:erikg1337 196 18 Doll by roxynight Doll :iconroxynight:roxynight 131 52 321208132706 by csmchowhk 321208132706 :iconcsmchowhk:csmchowhk 32 7 Meditation - Iray redux by tigerste Meditation - Iray redux :icontigerste:tigerste 150 35 Cailin 01 by AS-Dimension-Z Cailin 01 :iconas-dimension-z:AS-Dimension-Z 27 11 Shadow woman... by elianeck Shadow woman... :iconelianeck:elianeck 303 68 lawnmower2C by JPayne2017 lawnmower2C :iconjpayne2017:JPayne2017 187 31 Orange And Teal by TRRazor Orange And Teal :icontrrazor:TRRazor 155 52 Simple Argentinian Marisa by FlamerXMagofire Simple Argentinian Marisa :iconflamerxmagofire:FlamerXMagofire 4 2 Peacock Tribal - Black by FlamerXMagofire Peacock Tribal - Black :iconflamerxmagofire:FlamerXMagofire 2 0 bad NARUKO by Magiruru bad NARUKO :iconmagiruru:Magiruru 2 0 kawoshin sketch dump ooo by Magiruru kawoshin sketch dump ooo :iconmagiruru:Magiruru 9 1 Worm - The Simurgh by sandara Worm - The Simurgh :iconsandara:sandara 13,775 302 Golden Lie by JenniferHealy Golden Lie :iconjenniferhealy:JenniferHealy 3,558 203


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United States

My name is Cheyenne, but I usually go by Pyro on here.

I like things such as video games, sexy people, excessive profanity, boobies, and offending people by making characters out of biblical and demonic figures.

I like to write occasionally (about my offensive characters and views). I've recently discovered I really enjoy making renders and meshmods, too.

Oh, and according to sexual orientation stereotypes, I'm attracted to everything with reproductive organs and am married to a stinkbug named Ham.

Marry Watch these sexy people.
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FlamerXMagofire Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017
Hey, Pyro! Been a while =D ... I've been busy, sorry ^^; How are you? =D
3wyl Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! :wave:

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Our front page lists fun and games that you can jump into whenever you like! We also have a Discord server, if you just want to hang out in a social and fun place, chat about art, projects and more! :eager:

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FlamerXMagofire Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016
And happy new year! =D Hope everythings going well over there =)
DaemonSeraph Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you :) I hope you had a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. And thank you for always checking in on me; it's so nice. I know I'm rarely on here, but I appreciate it.

I'm.. ugh, not great, to say the least lol. How have you been, though?
FlamerXMagofire Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017
No problem :XD: Eh, it was ok, like any other day :XD: No worries =) I mean, since we don't get to talk to each other often, I could try and see how you're doing, right? =)

I guess it's been a busy season this one :XD: I got into a music class around august (well after the classes had started), and I completed that first year anyway... mostly becouse it was kind of a mess anyway, so it wasn't very taxing :hmm: Supposedly, next level will be tougher, though. With that, I also started playing piano, with I've been always interested, and it'll be useful if I try to use programs like FL Studio at some point in my life. Kinda had to stop practicing after classes ended for the year becouse busy house. I also proved once again that I AM dumb, by also enrolling for the paint class on that same school =P The idea is to take music classes on the morning and paint classes on the afternoon, and try to match as many days as humanly possible, so I don't have to go every day of the week, but we'll see how that plays out... Oh, and now I have an android-based phone, so I can FINALLY play some games I've been interested in for a while, like Puyo Puyo Quest and Idolmaster CG Starlight Stage =P

And, damn... if that's "to say the least", must be tough :hmm: If you wanna say something, you can send me a Note here... I mean, I'm not sure if I can help, but I can at least lend you an ear (... or my eyes, since it's written?) :hmm: Either way, hope things get better on your end :hug:
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