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zOuroboros :icondopepope:dopepope 999 105
           In the land of Hipster Ville, there once lived a girl named Rayna. She was your stereotypical hipster, although she’d deny it because “that’s way too mainstream.” Her hair always turned out exactly how she wanted it; perfect bronze ringlets held together by an unmentionable amount of hairspray. The music on her iPod had to have been unheard by every civilian on Earth except her, otherwise she’d delete it. She never bought any of her music, because that was mainstream as well. Each day, she awoke to her Siamese kitten pawing at her face, ready to play. Her day started by feeding her can only the finest vegan cat food you could ever find. She’d then take a 34 minute shower; with the Arctic Monkeys playing in the background. She’d then spend 48 minutes picking her outfit; she spent so much time trying to look homeless. She’d once bought a $67 flannel from Urban Outfitters, because she sw
:iconnevadarene:nevadarene 3 11
The Rapture of Incarnation :iconartofwarstudios:ArtOfWarStudios 264 26 Ajna (muted) :iconartserge:artserge 164 16 Orb of Faust :iconthe-infamous-mrgates:The-Infamous-MrGates 105 25
Cold to the core.
Never really feeling
Or wanting.
Too stiff to ever bound across a meadow,
Too dead to ever want to.
Only ever wallowing in the cruel reality,
As if frozen in time
Without a hope.
The harsh wind slaps you across the face.
Glassy eyes cry without even feeling sad,
The cold nips the nose red.
It hurts too much
To look up
And try to find the sun
That left so long ago.
The ice encrusting the world in a cold prison melts,
And your cheeks flush and warmth floods you.
A blanket acts as a shield.
The coldness has left.
It's strange to remember now
How it felt to feel.
Enveloped in warmth,
The world comes alive.
The color, once drained from the flowers,
Paints the landscape
Hues of crimson and violet.
Everything has a heartbeat,
Everything has a pulse.
Warmth radiates from a world
Once so dark and desolate.
No one knew
That underneath the coldness
Was life
Still worth living.
So look up,
The sun is smiling down upon you.
:iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 16 15
Story Time.
The face of evil,
Once a god frozen in the ice,
Whose sanity melts remembering touch,
Is a drop of fire on the rise,
Its soaring hopes
Tied with black ribbons to an electric chair.
Lament, bleeding roses,
Bite your tongue till it bleeds.
In the silent midnight,
A tear sings a water's lullaby,
An Underwater fire walk in the labyrinth submerges the ivory heart.

Praying for spring:
The cycle of love and solitude.
Rescue is possible,
We need an instant repair.
Until then, I'll be missing you.
:iconreireiserenade:ReiReiSerenade 23 24
life is funny, isn't it?
just when you think you've got it all figured out,
just when you finally begin to plan something,
get excited about it and feel like you know what direction you're heading in,
the paths change,
the signs change,
the wind blows the other way,
north is suddenly south,
and east is west,
and you're lost.
:iconnevadarene:nevadarene 5 3
I had a dream that you had died
I woke up, then I cried.
Then I went back to sleep,
With a sigh of relief.
You are not gone, although you're not here.
I wish you'd push my hair behind my ear.
They ask what kind of drugs I'm on
And I describe your smile.
It wasn't easy when you left me
Six whole months is quite a while.
I miss you.
Damn it.
Come back to me.
:iconnevadarene:nevadarene 2 0
Did you know that you're a wonderful person?
That it's okay if you're darker or lighter or poorer or wealthier
or skinnier or curvier or shorter or taller
Round face, square face
Squoval nails, chewed nails
Big feet, or tiny feet
Square jaw, or not.
If you're flat as a board or your back hurts from carrying such a heavy package.
If one eye is a different colour than the other.
If you can see or not, hear or not.
Male or female, or gender unspecified
Gay, straight, or somewhere in between.
Pansexual, transexual, bisexual, asexual,
maybe you're not sexual.
That's okay too.
It's okay to love.
It's okay to exist and be just how you are.
After all, we are all human beings.
And that's okay.  
:iconnevadarene:nevadarene 3 0
Hold Your Own Hand, Part One.
                When I was ten years old, I was plagued by anxiety that would never end.
                The days dragged on and on.
                I suddenly stopped feeling alive.
                Driving down my road with my mom to a house that I never wanted to go to,
                I realized that I felt no interest in the world around me.
                I hated myself for feeling this way, and there was no way I could control it.
                I felt like dying… but that was my probl
:iconnevadarene:nevadarene 3 2
Jezebel-like fiend
Here I stand
helpess and left for dead.
Back then I used to believe in you,
used to get lost in your eyes,
but now I pray goodbye
as with you I'd know
that all I would do
is waste this life.
This breathing, it hurts,
and as the world fades to black
all I can see is the shadow
of you, that bitch,
who always haunts me
and whose looks shove daggers
down and along
the curveture of my back.
I sold hours of life
to just spend time with you
but weren't you the one
who bought them all up?
I believed in you, I gave in to you,
but now as I say my final goodbye
I can finally laugh
as I can see through your lies.
It's almost pitiful to say
that I fell for you,
but even if I did say it
I know for a fact you'd agree.
With a look that has broken
the hearts of every boy
who, like me, has ever had the misfortune
to fall for a banshee like you.
You were the screams to my whispers,
the bullet to my brain,
I can tell that this last breath is wasted
as you screech my name.
This very bitter
yet not so sweet
:iconexplosms:Explosms 1 1
Poem #3 That girl
Look at that girl with black hair and her band shirts 
That smile of her's a cry for help from this terrible world 
She lost many things she loved the most 
Her heart is warm from the love she got from them
She writes stories of her past and future 
listen to music of her heart it help from that dark place 
sweet blue tears hit down her beautiful face 
The only things in life she wants is peace and happier 
Maybe one day she will be happy once more 
And all her scars would be heal and she will smile once more 
Beautiful girl smile just for us 
:iconkellytheturtle18:kellytheturtle18 2 8
Nuclear HellWing - Utsuho :iconflamerxmagofire:FlamerXMagofire 5 20
Not Hungry
She had skeletized
before my eyes.
The world had gnawed her to scraps
Until her ribs ate her from
the inside out.
:iconprogressinprogress:progressinprogress 3 2
Forever Red :iconprogressinprogress:progressinprogress 35 4


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

My name is Cheyenne, but I usually go by Pyro on here.

I like things such as video games, sexy people, excessive profanity, boobies, and offending people by making characters out of biblical and demonic figures.

I like to write occasionally (about my offensive characters and views). I've recently discovered I really enjoy making renders and meshmods, too.

Oh, and according to sexual orientation stereotypes, I'm attracted to everything with reproductive organs and am married to a stinkbug named Ham.

Marry Watch these sexy people.
:iconportuguesedevil: :iconspotted-pepper: :iconlieutenantdork: :iconflamerxmagofire: :iconsonicthenerdhog: :iconenjali29:



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And happy new year! =D Hope everythings going well over there =)
DaemonSeraph Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you :) I hope you had a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. And thank you for always checking in on me; it's so nice. I know I'm rarely on here, but I appreciate it.

I'm.. ugh, not great, to say the least lol. How have you been, though?
FlamerXMagofire Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017
No problem :XD: Eh, it was ok, like any other day :XD: No worries =) I mean, since we don't get to talk to each other often, I could try and see how you're doing, right? =)

I guess it's been a busy season this one :XD: I got into a music class around august (well after the classes had started), and I completed that first year anyway... mostly becouse it was kind of a mess anyway, so it wasn't very taxing :hmm: Supposedly, next level will be tougher, though. With that, I also started playing piano, with I've been always interested, and it'll be useful if I try to use programs like FL Studio at some point in my life. Kinda had to stop practicing after classes ended for the year becouse busy house. I also proved once again that I AM dumb, by also enrolling for the paint class on that same school =P The idea is to take music classes on the morning and paint classes on the afternoon, and try to match as many days as humanly possible, so I don't have to go every day of the week, but we'll see how that plays out... Oh, and now I have an android-based phone, so I can FINALLY play some games I've been interested in for a while, like Puyo Puyo Quest and Idolmaster CG Starlight Stage =P

And, damn... if that's "to say the least", must be tough :hmm: If you wanna say something, you can send me a Note here... I mean, I'm not sure if I can help, but I can at least lend you an ear (... or my eyes, since it's written?) :hmm: Either way, hope things get better on your end :hug:
DaemonSeraph Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, well I'm glad the holidays weren't too hectic or anything for you :)

Congratulations on completing the first year! :D That's cool that you're learning the piano. I've always had an interest in learning how to play too, except I have stubby little fingers and exactly 0 musical talent. :lol: I hope things mellow out a bit so you can practice more. And joining both classes doesn't make you dumb; it just means you're ambitious. That's an admirable quality. In fact, can I borrow some of your ambition? :lmao: You obviously have a lot of artistic ability. It might be a lot of work, but I'm sure you'll do great.

Congrats on the new phone too :D I'm glad you can finally play those games. What model is it?

It basically comes down to my stepfather being a horrible, disgusting human being (and I use the term human loosely) and the fact that we're trapped in the land of backward, inbred white trash lol. Thank you, though; that's so sweet of you. :aww: I hope you know the same goes for you. You can talk to me whenever, I'm always happy to listen or read lol (provided I'm online, which will hopefully be more often, especially since I'm gonna try to build something of a presence online).
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